Exercise Psychology

We help you make exercise into a habit

Why do exercise psychology? What are the psychological benefits?

Improved mood, focus and self-esteem

More confidence in one’s physical abilities

Feeling more energised

Reduced stress and better ability to deal with stress

Improved body image

However it’s not easy to add exercise to your routine. For example, here are some common barriers, which can prevent you from being active:

How exercise psychology can help

We are committed to helping people become more active! In our sessions, we will firstly identify the barriers you are facing and secondly, give you some actionable recommendations to overcome these. Then, we’ll build an action plan, based on behaviour change theory, with the aim of integrating exercise into your routine. Finally, with the routine is in place, we will schedule follow ups to check-in on your progress.

Transtheoretical model of change as used in exercise psychology to induce behaviour change

The model above illustrates the stages of behaviour change as used in exercise psychology. It shows that behaviour change is not always linear or straightforward, but a relapse is not necessarily a failure. Indeed, it just leads to a new cycle, with each attempt stronger than the last. Whether you are at the pre-contemplation stage and just want to get more information, or you are at the preparation stage where you are ready to write-up an action plan, we are available for a chat.