Sport & Performance Psychology

What we do

The Performance Psychologist is a Sport and Performance Psychology consultancy based in London but working worldwide. It was founded and is led by Natacha Lazareff, a Sport and Exercise Psychologist in training with the British Association of Sport & Exercise Sciences (BASES). Our approach is based on the latest evidence from high quality research and practice.

We support athletes, businesses, performers – and anyone else who needs to perform under pressure – to push their limits and reach their potential. By addressing issues such as performance anxiety, motivation, well-being, dealing with injuries or team dynamics, we can help you take it to the next level.

Our mission is to build better performance environments by understanding and valuing the human experience. In order to achieve this, we aim to support institutions to instil change, whilst also giving individuals the psychological tools to thrive long term.

If you are unsure whether performance psychology is for you, get in touch with any questions or to book a free 20 min consultation call. We are very friendly!

Our Services

1-on-1 sessions

These sessions are focused on giving you the tools to get the best out of your performance. Firstly, we will analyse your needs. This will help us target the most relevant psychological skills to aid your performance. Sessions can take place in person or virtually.

High five, illustrating a performance psychology workshop on team cohesion


If you are looking for group support, workshops are more time-effective. Indeed, workshops are effective at bringing people together to develop better mental skills and/ or team cohesion.

Microphone set up to talk about performance psychology

Keynote Speaking

We speak at conferences and roundtables, with a performance psychology angle. Furthermore, our expertise, built on the latest evidence and our experience, can be applied to a number of different topics.

I’m a bicultural Sport and Exercise Psychologist in training with BASES, undertaking supervised practice. My prior experience spans across team sports (netball), endurance sports (triathlon), and parasports (boccia) and expands to understanding a variety of different environments (elite, recreational, expeditions).

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Whether you’d like to book a free 20 min consultation or are just curious to know more, we would love to hear from you.